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70 Brisbane St
Hobart, Tasmania

+613 6234 8522



See what our clients are saying about their experience

When I began to see Cliff McGilvray for treatment, I had migraines most weeks, I had chronic neck pain, I fell over frequently and felt quite asymmetric. These problems began when I fell on my head a few years ago. With Cliff’s treatment, these are now almost completely resolved. I feel balanced again. I could not be happier with these improvements. Cliff’s manner is calm and confident. His techniques are gentle, subtle and quickly effective. I recommend him to anyone with unresolved health issues. This man works wonders.
— Biddy Hamilton
I first went to Geoff after a year of discomfort with my shoulders and in one session he managed to significantly improve my condition. I have been seeing him regularly for about three years now and we have worked on alignment, gait, flexibility and posture. I am sure that my excellent fitness levels are attributable to his professional care and savvy, and his capacity to ‘read’ what’s going on and help me to fix it.
— Elaine Stratford
I had been having tendon problems with both of my wrists, which seriously affected my career as a chef. I’d tried cortisone injections, and even surgery. However, after just two visits to Geoff Thorley at City Health and Massage, the inflammation has significantly gone down and I don’t have pain in my wrists anymore - even when cooking and carrying heavy things. I’m done with other treatments now - this is the way to really fix yourself.
— Ali Currey-Voumard
Having played and coached tennis for over 40 years, my body has had multiple problems. Geoff’s knowledge has not only fixed my problems but importantly given me preventive exercises to stop the problems recurring.
— Ray Harrison T.C.A. (Tennis Coaches Australia)
Since coming to you my quality of life and my ability to think and operate has improved amazingly. I have never met anyone with as much information as you have and you impart it so succintly
— Chris
I began seeing Geoff Thorley at CHM in 2011. I work on my feet all day and walk for exercise, and over time I was beginning to limp and have knee pain. Geoff was great! He watched me walk, and then proceeded to work with my whole body to rectify the problem. He gave me supportive exercises to do, as well as explaining how my body worked, in order for me to sustain and maintain my fitness. I am very happy with the work I received from Geoff, and he also sees my two teenage children regularly.
— Gabrielle Robertson, restaurateur
I can say without a doubt, your knowledge and the way you practice is the best I have experienced — and trust me, with a body like mine you get a lot of work done.
— Steve
I luckily found Geoff Thorley by myself after I had several major neck reconstructive operations, and found I am still in chronic pain (neck and RH shoulder).
After visiting Geoff for 6 months my RH shoulder doesn’t give me any trouble at all and my neck is better than before surgery.
I urge any person with musculo-skeletal pain to go and visit Geoff Thorley and see for yourself what his magic hands can do for you.
— Simon Michalowski