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Hobart, Tasmania

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Pregnancy Massage and Care

What is Pregnancy Massage and Care?

Pregnancy massage and care, also referred to as Prenatal massage, assists the mum-to-be in feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the journey of pregnancy and beyond.

Our qualified practitioners work with the expectant mother to ease discomfort associated with each stage of pregnancy and to restore balance to the body throughout these stages.

They will utilize a combination of Remedial and Relaxation massage techniques, tailoring each treatment to best suit the clients' needs.

Pregnancy Massage and care is recommended from 12 weeks until full term.

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What are the benefits of massage during pregnancy and post childbirth?

The benefits of care and massage during pregnancy include:

  • Relief for mental and physical fatigue;
  • Calming and nurturing to the mother-to-be;
  • Promoting balance and spacial awareness as the expectant mother experiences changes in her centre of gravity as baby grows;
  • Enhancing the function of muscles and joints;
  • Improving circulation and has been known to improve oedema;
  • Enhanced sense of well-being, energy and vitality;
  • Stress reduction, both physically and mentally;

The benefits of continuing treatment after childbirth are:

  •  Postnatal care/ massage aids in the restoration of the body back to its pre-pregnancy condition;
  • Providing a space of relaxation and enhanced well-being for new or experienced parent. 

When Booking a Pregnancy Massage... 

For her comfort, the practitioners will use a special table, that will allow the client to lie face down.

Please mention when booking that you are seeking a pregnancy massage.