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Hobart, Tasmania

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What are you made of?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Body Measurement Systems is an independent testing facility and exists for one purpose – to help individuals achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Whatever goals you have, it is important to establish an initial benchmark to be able to measure your progress.

How do we do this?

We measure:

  • Body composition using the BOD POD machine. 

    The BodPod test shows your fat vs fat-free mass. The BodPod, unlike your scales, can tell the difference between a kg of fat and a kg of muscle.  When you undertake an exercise/weight training program muscle mass will be increasing and body fat decreasing. Weight might not change much.  The Bod Pod gives baseline measurements so you can monitor your progress and determine whether your body is responding to the changes you have made.

  • Resting metabolic rate

This test determines the amount of energy (calories) that your body uses at rest. It analyses the amount of oxygen your body uses, and the amount of carbon dioxide your body produces. The percentage of energy created from carbohydrates and fats can be determined by measuring the carbon dioxide your body produces. You can then address the volumes, timing and types of food you should be eating to reach your goals.

  • Cardio-respiratory fitness (VO2 max)

Your VO2 Max is a numerical measurement of your body’s ability to consume oxygen; It is affected by how many red blood cells you have, how adapted your muscles are and how much blood your heart can pump; the higher your VO2 max, the better able your body is at taking in oxygen and delivering it to your muscles, enabling you to run or cycle faster, for a given effort. BMS will send you guidelines showing you how to prepare for your appointment.

If you are already in a dietary or fitness program, how often are you accurately assessed and/or reassessed? 

The Bod Pod and Fitmate Pro are both GOLD STANDARD in their accuracy.

If you are a personal trainer, an athlete or simply interested in achieving your best fitness and lifestyle goals, talk to the team at Body Measurement Systems and get measured!


For Bookings call 6234 8522